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About the Company

Captain's Point Lodge is a family owned LLC.

The physical address of the Lodge is:

272 Captain Lane
Gilbertsville, KY

Captain's Point Lodge History

Built in the late 50's by Ralph Moore, this house sits on 6.9 acres and is surrounded by water on 3 sides. Our father, Arthur A. Azar, had approached Ralph about buying a cabin on the lake in the early 70's as he intended to get out of boating and instead own a cabin. Ralph showed our father a couple of cabins but neither was on the water. Finally, Ralph called our father one day and said he had something else for him to see. After viewing the property, our father finally had found something that was of interest to him. It was called Moors Lodge!  It sat in the middle of 7 acres that formed a peninsula around the bay from the Moors Resort & Marina. This "lodge" had been built by Ralph Moore as a fishing lodge to rent to the fishermen that frequented the lake in the late 50's and 60's. Most of the wood that was used in the construction of the "lodge" came from the land it sits on. From the massive oak tables to the cedar plank walls that line the inside of the cabin, one can only imagine the the sweat that went into its construction.

After the deal was made, in 1975, our father began using the lodge as a weekend and summer retreat. He loved riding his lawnmower keeping all 7 acres mowed or doing other chores that were necessary for the upkeep  of the property . Over time, our father decided to rent the lodge (Azar's Lodge) out on a weekend or weekly basis to fishermen and vacationers. We still rent it out to this day when not being used by our family. Many of the renters are repeat customers. Also, there have been many weddings on the grounds. 

The property is one of a kind. We grew up spending a lot of time boating and fishing on the lake. There is not a better spot on Kentucky Lake. If there is, we haven't seen it. Our family welcomes you to Captain's Point Lodge!

The Family

  • The lodge was passed on to the children at the death of Art Azar, Sr in 2011.
  • The children and grandchildren plan to continue to own and manage the property.

In loving memory of Art Azar, Sr

Born 4/20/26; Died 7/4/2011